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Zombie Labs strongest pre makes sure you never stop despite the barriers in front of you. Cross-Eyed will provide you with the nutritional support to go FULL ZOMBIE on your workouts or gaming.

Cross-Eyed contains a targeted blend of energy-boosting nutrients to give you that beyond living dead boost including high levels of caffeine and English walnut to keep you hunting for more. You won't be disappointed with this supplement as it will give you the energy to power through your workouts like a machine and build that dream body you've always wanted too.

  • Perform like a zombie
  • 500mg Caffeine per double scoop
  • Skin tearing pumps
  • Intense energy
  • Hyper focus
  • Great strength - Cross-Eyed contains a blend of nutrients (including Amentoflavone) known to support muscle fiber recruitment & strength.

Amentoflavone: The benefits include protecting the brain, having anti-inflammatory properties, assisting with mood, protecting the gut and more.

Caffeine 500mg Double Scoop: Extreme dose of caffeine for longer lasting energy and insane pumps. Will really push your limit. 

L-Citrulline Malate: Proven to support nitric oxide production and help give you a MASSIVE pump.

English Walnut Extract: It is a psychoactive central nervous system stimulant which is used to enhance levels of both energy and mental alertness.