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Are you feeling uptight, stressed and agitated? Are you not getting deep and nourishing sleep? Not getting a good night’s sleep is a sure way to have the following day ruined. You can feel emotional, easily agitated and generally not your normal self. Stress and anxiety are huge contributors when it comes to disrupting sleep. It affects many of us and it can be hard to manage these symptoms when you have so many other things on your to-do list.  

Whitewolf Nutrition has formulated Zen, a delicious magnesium and mushroom blend that allows you to access your inner zen at any time. When you’re stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol. When cortisol is overactive in the system, it has huge mental and physical health implications. Zen by Whitewolf Nutrition is here to help reduce your stress levels, get a good night's rest and support your health and wellness goals. 

When you take Zen by Whitewolf you will: 
  • Support a deep and nourishing rest 
  • Help reduce stress 
  • Support mental clarity 
  • Help reduce feelings of anxiety 

With the incorporation of natural medicines, this blend is perfect for anyone that is mindful of what they fuel their body with. If you’re tired of feeling tired, Zen by Whitewolf Nutrition is a perfect option for you.  

In each serving of Zen by Whitewolf Nutrition you receive: 
  • 1500mg of Lepidium Meyenii 
  • 1500mg of Withania Somnifera 
  • 1000mg of Xylooligosaccharides 
  • 1000mg of vitamin C 
  • 750mg of Cordyceps sinensis extract 
  • 500mg of eleutherococcus Senticosus extract 
  • 500mg of Rhodiola rosea extract 
  • 300mg of Magnesium citrate 
  • 100mg of L-theanine 
  • 40mg of Vitamin B5 
  • 2mg of Activated vitamin B6