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anti-ageing adaptogen

Chaga, an anti-ageing, immunity-boosting powerhouse, is packed-full of beta glucans, adaptogenic betulinic acid, high levels of antioxidants and skin-protecting melanin.
– medicinal mushroom –
  • DI DAO

Mason (founder of SuperFeast) foraging your wild chaga on birch trees, in Changbai Mountain

100% pure herbal medicine - absolutely no fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind used.

Superior quality - the ancient sourcing criteria we live by is called Di Dao, and we take it VERY seriously. We only source from the most pristine mountains, valleys and plains in extremely rural regions where the herbs are spiritually at home. From the growers, the foragers, the extractors, to us, the herbs are handled with extreme reverence; this is true Di Dao herbalism.

Rigorous and independently tested to ensure purity - we test for metals, pesticides, moulds, microbials and more, twice in house and with TGA accredited facilities.

Potent 10:1 extract powder - 10:1 = 10kg of herb to create 1kg of powder.

Uniquely specific processing technique - our chaga is extracted by trained herbalists using uniquely and patented refined techniques very specific to the herb. This involves our 3 stage high pressure dual-extraction, using water and rice alcohol for maximum potency and bioavailabilty. Our techniques ensure the extraction is alive (herbs have different temperature and extraction duration limits) and upholds the specificity of the pharmacological and historical knowledge we have of the herb.

Non standardised, full spectrum extracts - using traditional extraction methods we ensure that the full range of compounds and energetics are extracted to ensure that we have a product that is just as nature intended. We never synthetically isolate and standardise particular active constituents.

Wild harvested in pristine birch forest - we only work with experienced wild chaga foragers in China’s Chang Bai Mountain. Highly skilled, with longevity in mind, these foragers know the etiquette and technique to harvest wild chaga without harming the tree, whilst ensuring future healthy output and low impact on the forest.

100% family-owned business - run by passionate tonic herbalists, in the Byron Shire, NSW

Check out the wild birch tree forest where your SuperFeast Chaga comes from.

Did you know? Chaga is not technically a mushroom, though it’s often referred to as one in mushroom and herb books. The part of chaga that looks like it might be a mushroom is technically a woody, tough mass of mycelium, known as a sclerotium (pl. sclerotia), which is a strange word derived from the Greek word sklēros, meaning hard. We do refer to chaga as a ‘mushroom’ so that people don’t get too confused, but we thought it best we let you know! :)

  • Chaga is used as a traditional folk medicine in many parts of Europe, China, and Canada.
  • Chaga is a powerful adaptogen (betulinic acid) and immune herb (polysaccharides), that may also help to counter fatigue, reduce inflammation, increase stamina and assist with stress management.
  • Chaga is a potent antioxidant that contains high levels of longevity enzyme; superoxide dismutase (SOD). Chaga is also the highest natural plant source of melanin. Chaga only grows on birch trees, and starts growing in the heartwood of the tree, slowly pushing its way out through the bark to emerge as the hard, dark lump that we harvest for our elixirs.
  • SuperFeast Chaga is grown Di Dao on the bark of wild birch trees, sourced from the Chang Bai Mountain region of China, a super pristine and clean region known for its Daoist tonic herbs. Chaga is traditionally extracted as a tea, however at SuperFeast we sell a dual extract (of the sclerotia) which helps to capture and retain the herbs’ full-spectrum benefits (including betulinic acid, which is not water soluble).
  • 100% herbal dual *extract powder, 10:1 potency.

Description: Chaga is packed-full of adaptogenic betulinic acid, gut- and immune system-loving beta glucans, antioxidants and skin-protecting melanin.

Who Needs Chaga?

Chaga is great for anyone wanting to:

  • Boost energy and resilience
  • Fortify their immune system
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Support their gut and immune system
  • Manage inflammatory conditions (e.g. psoriasis).

When Will I See Results?

This is very subjective as we all have unique body systems. Some people feel the benefits immediately while for others it may take a couple of weeks to a month for the shifts to unfold. Trust the process of your own personal journey and remember, as long as you are taking a herb it is working its medicinal magic within your body, mind and spirit.

How Much Should I Take?

Generally we recommend taking the herbs daily in small doses to begin with, this allows you to develop an understanding and acknowledgement of they are working with the synergy of your body. Start with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per day, building up to a good heaped teaspoon per day once you feel it necessary within your unique body system. Trust your intuition here.

How Long Will My Jar/Bag Of Chaga Last?

The amount of time your jar or bag will last will depend on the quantity you are taking each day. There are approximately 50x 1/2tsp serves in a 100g jar and 25x 1/2tsp serves in a 50g jar. If you are taking more or less than that you can adjust the math accordingly. Once you are loving a herb we recommend upgrading to the bulk bags, they’re more economical and can easily decant your bulk herb into your miron jar. Great for the planet, great for the wallet!

How Do I Use My Chaga?

Our Chaga is fully extracted, this means it can be added to any hot or cold food or beverage of choice, no need for activation here folks! Just mix, blend or stir Chaga into your favourite drink or meal. We love it added to warm beverages such as cacao, tea, coffee, or taken as a simple tea with hot water, nut milk and a little sweetener of choice. Like many of the medicinal mushrooms we work with, Chaga has earthly tones and can be added to savoury dishes such as soups and stews.

Tasting Notes: Sweet and bitter.

Ingredients • Wild birch-grown chaga mushroom extract powder.


  • Stress Management
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Immune System
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Liver & kidneys
  • Antioxidant defences


Start with ¼ - ½ tsp daily.

Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea.

Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.

SOURCED • Di Dao from China’s Changbai Mountains.