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ASTRAGALUS- Immunity & circulation

One of the ultimate Qi tonics of Daoist herbal system, SuperFeast Astragalus is sustainably harvested and carefully dual-extracted.

Ingredients • Di Dao astragalus root dual-extract powder 10:1.

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to:

  • Help improve immune system function
  • Help increase vitality
  • Relieve weariness/ feeling of weakness


Adults, mix 400mg in 250ml warm water & drink immediately

Take three times a day

 SOURCED • Di Dao sourced from China’s Gansu and Inner Mongolia regions.

Our extracts are potent - it takes 10 kgs of astragalus root to make 1 kg of our extract powder. Small doses over a longer period of time is the tonic herbal way. 

Talk to a TCM practitioner/ health professional of you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.

If symptoms persist, talk to you health professional.