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PHYBA PLNT Protein is Australia's newest most revolutionary plant based protein powder! Formulated by one of the industry's leading minds Matt Legge in partnership with Australian cross-fit athlete James Newbury. 

Phyba consists of four plant-derived protein blend types: organic pea, watermelon, pumpkin, and sunflower seed protein. This mix ensures a comprehensive array of vital amino acids, pivotal for muscle building and recovery post-workout. Notably, it's rich in leucine, a key amino acid crucial for kickstarting muscle protein synthesis, vital for muscle growth and repair.

PHYBA™ sought out expert scientists in the field of microbiology and fermentation to create a unique digestive postbiotic, GUT MATRIX™ that specifically helps to support a more healthy and balanced microbiome.

If you are looking to increase your daily protein intake with a delicious plant protein that supports a healthy gut, Phyba plant protein is for you. 

To read more about the science behind PHYBA follow this link