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Clear Vegan Protein stands out among other vegan protein powders on the market. This unique plant protein powder dissolves fully, offering a light and refreshing option to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Each serving is not only delicious but also provides 10g of protein, crucial for muscle growth and maintenance1 — a key component regardless of your fitness goals.

In addition, with just 1g of sugar per serving and 50% of your recommended daily intake of essential B vitamins, it's a sweet deal.

B vitamins are essential for both physical and mental health. Vitamin B6, for example, supports normal psychological function2 and helps reduce everyday tiredness,3 while vitamin B12 boosts the immune system4 and aids in the normal functioning of the nervous system.5

Our Clear Vegan Protein Isolate comes in five delightful flavors, including Lemon and Lime, Pineapple and Grapefruit, Apple and Elderflower, and Strawberry and Blackcurrant. These flavors are perfect for those seeking a lighter alternative to creamy protein shakes.