Macro Mike - Peanut Plant Protein Luxe

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The most LUXE Peanut Butter Protein in the UNIVERSE! If you loved our LUXE
Almond Protein Range you’ll froth over this!

Our Peanut Butter Brittle flavour is the perfect take on the classic crispy PB
candy! Think smooth, buttery, caramelised peanut butter! It is absolute
liquid GOLD! Get ready, this epic deliciousness will blow your mind!

We've taken our best selling product our Peanut Plant Protein and we've made it
we've made it more luxurious than EVER!! A cutting edge blend of perfectly crafted Protein to provide a taste experience that is second to none. 

These LUXE flavours of Peanut Protein are super high in protein, creamy and rich! They will have your taste buds dancing with pleasure! Make sure you try our PB Banana and Hunnie flavour too!