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L-glutamine might just be one of the most underrated supplements of all time. Right up there next to creatine. This naturally occurring amino acid, found in higher dosages in food groups such as dairy and meats, plays multiple roles within our bodies. With studies having shown that L-Glutamine displayed significant signs in aiding immune system function, Gut-health/ intestinal health as well showing sign in aiding muscle building properties within the body.

Although L-glutamine can be found in JDN 100% Whey and JDN’s 100% WPI. Studies have shown that adding extra L-glutamine daily in dosages of 5g’s or more, have shown the best results. Making this product a staple for daily life! Regardless of fitness goals.

L-glutamine can be takin in multiple ways. Just add it to any of your favourite fitness supplements, smoothies or foods and away you go.