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This hard-hitting pre-workout is suited to gym-goers and athletes who want to push their limits and take their training to the next level.


Gives you incredible, laser-like focus!

Massive rush of long-lasting energy

Elevates your mood with a unique nootropic blend

Skin-tearing pumps, improved blood flow and enhanced strength

Clinically dosed ingredients (backed by science)


With an extensively researched and tested blend of nootropics, this formula massively enhances cognitive function, allowing you to push your limits both physically and mentally, taking your training to the next level.

Providing plenty of clean energy with no crash, Altered State also contains high doses of Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine, guaranteed to give you skin-tearing pumps and a mind-blowing training session every time. It's also served in a massive 16g scoop!

The ultimate combination of research-supported ingredients, Altered State provides the perfect synergy to maximise your pump, strength, energy and focus.