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GEN-TEC Nutrition’s PSYCHED 3.1 is a new and improved, unique pre-workout formula designed for individuals engaging in high-intensity training with goals of increased performance and lean muscle mass. The synergistic blend of ingredients in PSYCHED 3.1 has been combined to assist focus/vigilance and energy levels while supporting an enhanced muscular pump during weight training.

PSYCHED 3.1 is fortified with C and B group Vitamins along with Magnesium Citrate to support energy and reduce post-exercise fatigue.

This is our best Pre-Workout product yet! The new formula includes:

  • Longer lasting energy and focus (due to the addition of TEACRINE)
  • Better, fuller muscular pump (due to increased Citrulline Malate levels)
  • NO CRASH or DUMP after usage (due to increase in B Vitamins, Magnesium and TEACRINE)
  • Delicious NEW FLAVOUR Strawberry Kiwi (Nick's personal favourite)