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GAT Sport Nitraflex® - Test Boosting Pre-Workout

Create maximum skin splitting pumps with Nitraflex by GAT! We've all been there: Neither our anticipation of a strenuous workout nor our energy level is high enough while we are on our way to the gym. We feel weak, possibly still from yesterday's workout, and now the only thing that can safe the day and push us through a tough gym session is an ultimate energy kick. GAT Nitraflex is one of our absolute favourites in terms of pre-workouts. This best-seller contains many powerful ingredients that increase energy, sharpen focus, and also boost test-levels in the body during training. The special blend of ingredients in this sports performance supplement increases your test-levels and gives you strength for an extensive workout. 

  • Boosts Test & Blood Flow.
  • Clinically Tested.
  • Creatine-free.
  • For Men & Women.

One of the main ingredients, coffee, plays a particularly important role in GAT Nitraflex. Studies have shown that consuming caffeine before exercise can significantly increase Test levels. It is well known that Test is not only good for enhanced libido but also has great effects on muscles and performance, as well as mood and lower blood sugar levels. Another very important ingredient is citrulline. Chances are you've heard of this amino acid before if you're interested in high-performance supplements. This naturally occurring non-essential amino acid is known to reduce fatigue and improve endurance during aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It also mimics the properties of Test, which include reduced muscle fatigue during exercise, enhancing libido and improving blood flow.

Beta-Alanine is also widely known and often seen in sports performance supplements. Of course, its incredible performance-enhancing abilities should not be missing in the formula of GAT Nitraflex. Just like Citrulline, Beta-Alanine is an amino acid and a building block for protein. It is best known for producing carnosine, which helps improve exercise performance and lessons overall fatigue. Additionally, studies have shown that beta-alanine specifically boosts performance during high-intensity and short-duration exercise.

Another important ingredient of our pre-workout favourite is L-Arginine. This amino acid is necessary for the production of nitric oxide, which is needed for several bodily processes and functions, including the oxygenation to muscles, mitochondrial function, blood flow regulation, and cellular communication. L-Arginine is also responsible for the development of white blood cells that play very important roles in immune response. As a true game-changer, GAT Nitraflex is equally suitable for men and women. In addition, this Test and performance-boosting product is creatine free and will help you maximize your strength and improve your workout. Optimize and maximize your training with GAT Nitraflex!