Fusion - Magnesium Advanced Powder

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Fusion Magnesium Advanced supports healthy muscle function with magnesium glycinate, a highly absorbable form of magnesium.

Restore electrolyte balance post-exercise and aid energy production in the body while promoting normal muscle health.

Features and benefits:

- Available in a Lemon-Lime Zing  infused with coconut water

- Contains magnesium glycinate, a highly absorbable form of magnesium 

- Enriched with B complex vitamins, amino acids, and essential minerals

- Supports normal muscle function and relaxation 

- Promotes normal cellular energy production 

- Helps rebalance electrolytes post-exercise by replenishing magnesium lost through sweat 

- Contains magnesium and vitamin B1, essential for supporting blood glucose metabolism in healthy individuals 

- Vital for maintaining bone health

- Eases mild muscle cramps and spasms

- Enhances exercise performance

- Supports healthy sleep patterns

- Promotes cardiovascular health