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CBUM has landed in Australia finally with their flagship product THAVAGE pre workout!


Thavage come in to the Australian market with a fairly unique formula, that emphasises blood flow and performance with class leading formulation and dosages coupled with a more moderate and smooth energy blend. 

This makes it perfect for people who want the full performance benefits of a pre workout without an overdose on stimulants. However, there is more than enough stimulant for most individuals and a really good focus & nootropic blend to go with it!

Thavage Pre-Workout comes loaded with ingredients which promotes improved cellular hydration, mental focus & energy and blood flow & fat burning properties. This formula includes L-Citrulline to help increase endurance during training and blood flow. Betaine Anhydrous which has been suggested in clinical studies to improve muscle strength and power production. Together, these ingredients combined support a performance ready environment for working muscle and sustained contractions.